The Passengers

Sarah and Hannah are on a cruise from San Diego, California to Sydney, Australia. Sarah, Hannah’s grandmother, is returning to the country of her birth, a place she hasn’t seen since boarding the USS Mariposa in 1945. Then she, along with countless other war brides, sailed across the Pacific to join the American servicemen they’d married during World War II.

Now Hannah is the same age Sarah was when she made her first journey, and in hearing Sarah tell the story of her life, realises the immensity of what her grandmother gave up.

The Passengers is a luminous novel about love: the journeys we undertake, the sacrifices we make and the heartache we suffer for love It is about how we most long for what we have left behind. And it is about the past – how close it can still feel – even after long passages of time.


“I loved this book. A stunning exploration of hope and desire, fear and control, this story is full of heart and heartbreak.”

— Ashley Hay, author of The Railwayman’s Wife

“A compelling novel about the bruises inflicted by fate and by ourselves, and the blessings to be found in resilience, determination, and love.”

— Debra Adelaide, author of The Household Guide to Dying

“Two women, two generations, two countries, two journeys. Eleanor Limprecht gracefully navigates the crosscurrents of history and creates vibrant characters from the extraordinary true experiences of Australian war brides. A deeply satisfying novel.”

— Susan Wyndham, former literary editor, The Sydney Morning Herald

“Limprecht is an experienced author, and in The Passengers she manages to entwine issues of the past and present into an effortless read. She gives us time to ponder family, despondency, and how existences are made from decisions at a series of crossroads. In doing so, she honours the heroic strength needed in order to change direction.”

— Readings review

“this well-written novel deftly melds history with family drama.”

— The Australian review

“Slowly the two stories echo and reflect each other, in clear lucid prose that glows with its own inner light.”

— Kate Forsyth, author of The Wild Girl and Bitter Greens

  • ISBN : 9781760529956
  • Pub Date : June 2019
  • Publisher : Allen & Unwin
  • Page Extent : 344
  • Imprint : Allen & Unwin
  • Format : Paperback - B format